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Roger J. Williams (1893-1988)

Joseph Pizzorno, ND

When I was a naturopathic medical student in the early 1970s, relatively unknown healthcare pioneers (such as Bastyr, Blacklow and MacBryde, Bicknell and Prescott, Boucher, Cheraskin, Davis, Dickey, Ehrhart, Lindlahr, Lust, McFadden, Selye, Williams, and others) defined my understanding of medicine. Of these, the most impressive was Roger Williams, PhD. Reading his remarkable Biochemical Individuality: The Basis for the Genetotrophic Concept fundamentally defined my rational framework and later led me to understand the scientific basis of the personalized medicine I was learning. I did not have the privilege of meeting him and do not pretend to understand all of his contributions. Nor is this profile meant to be an exhaustive review of Dr Williams' life. Rather, this is about his deep understanding of human physiology and the profound influence he had on our understanding of healing.

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