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William Rea (1935-2018)

Craig Gustafson;  William Rea, MD

"Integrative Medicine: A Clinician's Journal (IMCJ): When you speak at the Environmental Health Symposium, what will your topic be? Dr Rea: It is going to be the endocrinology of environmental aspects of health. Of course, the big ones are pesticides, solvents, natural gas, mold toxins, artificial implants, and electromagnetic fields, or EMFs. There are now 101 pesticides that have been listed as proven or possible endocrine disruptors by the Pesticide Action Network. Most of the endocrine-disrupting pesticides minimize estrogen function in that they will change the receptors and convert steroids to active estrogen or expressions of that. Some of these are organochlorine pesticides, organophosphates, carbamates, and pyrethroid pesticides."

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