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Was Blind, But Now I See

Bill Benda, MD

Life. Yes, I know, we all think about it constantly. Some even try to understand it, or philosophize it, or if bold or foolish enough, control it. Volumes have been written about life; entire academic departments have been created in an effort to define it. History constantly repeats it. But no one has actually mastered it or beaten the odds of surviving this strange sexually transmitted disease. Not even, technically, zombies, although vampires may have a valid argument. So why am I even writing about it? Because elsewhere in this issue resides a short interview with yours truly, in a space usually reserved for those who have founded medical colleges, started botanical companies, or realized some such notable achievement. And frankly as I read through the first draft, it came to mind that despite two decades in this field I really have not done anything, well, notable. No academic tomes, no publicly traded company, no fame, no fortune. Simply time spent chasing a dream, or occasionally running from a nightmare, and not even a Nobel nomination to show for it.

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