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Case Report: Energy Field Changes Approaching and During the Death Experience

Background: This case report, addressing the aspect of the art of nursing devoted to end-of-life care, discusses subtle energy changes identified in the literature and observed in 3 case studies during the dying process. Biofield changes were noted during 3 case studies using assessment procedures of hand scan and penduling. Comparisons were made with near-death experiences reported in the literature and reports of care providers regarding subtle energy changes observed during their care of the terminally ill as they moved through the dying process. Case Summary: Consistent with reports in the literature, patterns of changes in the biofield observed during the dying process included the biofield decreasing in size and intensity from the feet upward, and chakras closing or reducing activity, from the root to the crown as the person moved closer to death. The energy field moved up and outward from the crown with death. Conclusion: Knowledge of these energetic patterns may provide guidance to hospice and palliative care providers, and identify supportive activities for the family of the dying as they interact with the transition of death.

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