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Lyn Patrick, ND: The Burden of Organophosphates and Glyphosate

Craig Gustafson; Lyn Patrick, ND

Integrative Medicine: A Clinician's Journal (IMCJ): On the last day of the Environmental Health Symposium, you will be speaking on toxicant load and, in particular, organophosphate pesticides. What is the scope of the issue with organophosphate pesticides? Dr Patrick: The reason that we are specifically focusing on organophosphate pesticides is that the source of the body burden for the majority of people in the United States is diet. I'm talking about nonoccupationally exposed men, women, and children. In the literature, I have paid particular attention to studies that came out of the University of Washington by Cynthia Curl, PhD; currently at Boise State University, she is one of the main researchers in this area. In a pediatric study, 2 groups of children were examined, when their dietary exposure to organophosphates was avoided or eliminated. In other words, these groups of kids were switched from a conventionally grown diet to a diet that was 100% organically grown fruits and vegetables.

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