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Anthroposophic Medicine, an Introduction; and a Book Review of Anthroposophy and Science

Ricardo R. Bartelme, MD

Anthroposophic medicine (AM) is a complex, individualized, multimodal, and integrative system of medicine and an art of healing based on both natural science and the transformed, spiritual science as found in Rudolf Steiner's anthroposophy. A careful and comprehensive study of anthroposophy and AM, as provided in Anthroposophy and Science: An Introduction, can be a new way to see science and the legitimacy of the new direction provided by anthroposophy. The clinical, scientific application of anthroposophy to the field of medicine is AM with its multidimensional diagnostic approach, its various natural remedies, and novel nonpharmacological modalities. These are all aimed at a direction of complete healing of the ill person in their 4-fold nature. Moreover, anthroposophy and AM may provide the approach and direction to begin to truly integrate the field of integrative medicine so that it is both scientific and fully human


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